Sigma Kappa



Members of the Lambda Gamma Chapter, Robert Morris University, are learning and loving the Sigma Kappa life.  While many colony members had already started becoming close, the chapter put a lot of emphasis on strengthening their sisterhood.  One way to bring the chapter together was through the sisterhood retreat.

Jenna Rosenfeld, sisterhood chairman, created a wonderful night of events for the chapter.  One of the most heartfelt activities done was where Jenna Rosenfeld encouraged everyone to write down negative thoughts about themselves, and then ripped up the paper and threw the negativity away. Next, they wrote down all the things they love about themselves and they kept that piece of paper as a reminder of each member’s special characteristics.  This activity allowed everyone to reflect on each member’s positive aspects and it was a nice confidence booster during a tough week.

The chapter got to know the silly side of its members though the “beach ball” game, as they answered questions such as, “If you could sing one karaoke song, what would it be?” This gave everyone the opportunity to learn interesting facts about each other that they otherwise would not have known. The activity allowed for some great laughs and created a memorable night for everyone.

After the sisterhood retreat, the chapter became closer and bonded as sisters. The retreat occurred right before Greek Week and got everyone excited to participate for the first time and grow as a team. Overall, it put everyone in good spirits for the rest of the semester!