Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Pictured above: Erin Williams Fall 18' and her Mom. 

What is a Sorority? 

A sorority is a Greek organization that brings women together via a set of core values. A sorority provides lifelong friendships and opportunities which foster social, intellectual, and spiritual development. A sorority brings women together to positively impact the community and each other.

What is the benefit of my daughter joining a sorority? 

Joining a sorority provides your daughter gives her a support system and lifelong friendships. It provides an environment that promotes service in our community, personal growth academically, and/or personally, and lastly leadership opportunities throughout the chapter. It is something that is for life and not just these four years in college. It provides a network of Sigma Kappas across the United States and friendships that last after college. 

Where is all this money going to? 

Joining a sorority comes with a pretty hefty price tag and that is something that most parents want to know where their hard-earned money is going. A portion of the money goes to our national headquarters like any other national organization to keep it running. The rest of the money goes right back into our chapter and your daughter, it funds all the service projects we do, the sisterhood events we put on and so much more. 

Will joining a sorority affect my daughter's grades?

Lambda Gamma's chapter overall GPA is higher than the Campus Average GPA, as well as many of our members making deans list.  Being in a sorority, your daughter will always have a sister to help her reach her full potential and encourage her in her studies. Our sorority has mandatory study hour sessions with GPA requirements.

What is my role as a parent? 

As a parent, be supportive of your daughter! Adjusting to college and getting involved on campus can be a scary experience. Encourage her in any way that you can. Be sure that your daughter knows her obligations for finances. Lastly, be involved, ask your daughter to tell you about her experiences, and many events we hold allow parents to come and see what your daughter is doing in our sorority.